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We love this recipe so much, that we thought we would re-post it today. We have pasta on our minds these days, and these yolk stuffed raviolis are one of our favorite DIY pasta recipes we have on out blog. These raviolis are a bit of work to make, but totally worth it. The yolks are still runny after you cook them, which makes them kind of create their own sauce after you dig in, which is so delicious with all the brown butter we also slathered on. :)

This recipe was originally posted on February 10th 2016.
Hey guys! Today’s recipe is a little rift from the recipe in our cookbook The Perfect Egg. We have a lovely Chicken and Tarragon Poached Yolk Ravioli, perfect to whip up for Valentine’s Day! I’ve said for years and years that I’m not into going out to dinner for Valentine’s Day because most restaurants end up offering a pre-fixe menu and I really like being able to pick my own food; so those pre-fixe menus just aren’t for me. I also like how personal and casual cooking at home is, especially for a special occasion! I mean c’mon, who doesn’t love a good dinner and movie on the comfort of their own couch?!

These big guys make a great starter course, by serving 1 ravioli per person, or you can add a couple to each plate and serve them alongside a light and refreshing mixed greens salad. They’re so rich and delicious and a little bit addicting, but that’s okay…there’s nothing wrong with rich and delicious! Even if you don’t have a “special someone” to share these with this Sunday, who cares, right??? Invite some friends over and serve these guys up! They’re totally worth it! Enjoy! xx, Jenny
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Chicken and Tarragon Poached Yolk Stuffed Ravioli

Makes 8

chicken and tarragon filling:
8 ounces part skim ricotta
2 ounces mascarpone, softened
2 tablespoons grated Parmesan
2/3 cup cooked and shredded chicken
1 tablespoon minced tarragon
1 charred ear of corn
salt and pepper to taste

1/2 recipe pasta dough
1 large egg plus 1 tablespoon water, beaten together
8 large egg yolks
1/2 cup (1 stick) unsalted butter
salt and pepper to taste
grated Parmesan

1. Place all filling ingredients into a mixing bowl and mix together until completely combined. Cover and refrigerate until ready to use.
2. Lightly flour a clean surface and roll the pasta dough until 1/8” thick.
3. Cut eight, 4”x 6” rectangles out of the dough and lightly brush each surface with the egg and water mixture (egg wash).
4. Place about 3 tablespoons of filling onto 1 side of each pasta rectangle, leaving a 1/2” border.
5. Create a small divot in the center of the filling and carefully place 1 yolk into each divot.
6. Carefully fold the other side of the pasta rectangles over the yolk and filling and gently press the edges, making sure to get rid of any air bubbles.
7. Using a large circle cutter, carefully cut the pasta squares into circles and firmly press down to seal.
8. Fill a large pot with water and bring to a boil. Add a handful of salt to the water and add the raviolis. Boil for 5 to 6 minutes.
9. While the raviolis boil, melt the butter in a skillet, over medium heat. Continue to cook butter until it begins to brown and release a nutty aroma.
10. Reduce the heat to medium-low and using a slotted spoon transfer the ravioli to the skillet with browned butter. Sauté raviolis for about 2 minutes. Season with salt and pepper.
11. Transfer ravioli onto a platter and pour browned butter over the top. Finish with freshly grated Parmesan and serve immediately.


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  1. Cindy Not Specified Not Specified

    This. This sounds so decadent! Yummmmm

  2. Nadia Not Specified Not Specified

    I love the addition of the egg yolk. I can just imagine the creamy taste. Yum!

  3. Christina Lengyel Not Specified Not Specified

    Do you think you could freeze these uncooked?

    • Jenny Park Not Specified Not Specified

      Unfortunately I don’t think so, the yolks will get a little funky when they defrost…but they can be refrigerated for 2-3 days!

  4. Ellie Not Specified Not Specified

    I don’t have words for how deliciously decadent this looks!

  5. Holly Deffenbaugh Not Specified Not Specified

    This sound great. I am thinking that due to the egg and cheese in each that you don’t need more than two each?

  6. Samantha Not Specified Not Specified

    Looks Very Tasty,adding the egg is a great idea,that looks awesome recipe,really like it..

  7. Lesley Not Specified Not Specified

    Made these last night, so delicious! One thing that was different for me, I found 5 minutes in the water resulted in a mostly-cooked yolk. In the future I’d probably only boil them for 3 mins to keep the yolk runny. Thanks for the great recipe!

  8. Temi Not Specified Not Specified

    Awesome recipe! I tried this yesterday and i found that i couldn’t fold the rectangle like you instructed. It wasn’t big enough. I kind of hacked it but i think next time i will put one rectangle on top of the other like you seemed to do in the pictures

  9. Dennis Not Specified Not Specified

    Wow, I need to try these ASAP. I love the idea of using yolk in ravolis and I’m sad I never thought about doing it myself. I would definitely make these to impress people at work. How is it so pretty both before and after cooking?

  10. Bruce Not Specified Not Specified

    enjoy the site!
    you had said large circle cutter??
    what size ?