About Jenny
I'm originally from Chicago, IL. (yay midwest!)
I almost always prefer salty to sweet.
My husbands’ my favorite travel buddy.
I will drive hours for a great meal.
I went to culinary school after college,
intending to become a restaurant chef
(not food stylist/recipe developer).
Croatia has been my favorite country
to visit so far.
I love my dad’s philosophy of “work hard, play hard” and always try to make sure I have a good work/life balance.
I live my life off endless lists, it keeps me sane.
My friends and family, and the connections
I have with them are really important
to me and also keep me sane.
I have two precious dogs, Dexter + Harley, whom I’m pretty obsessed with.
I think laughing so hard until your sides hurt is one of the best feelings ever.
I wish I enjoyed massages, but I don’t.
I wish I were a better ‘hobbyist’.
One if the most fulfilling things I’ve ever done is volunteer in a daycare in El Salvador, Brazil for a month, when I was in college, and would love to do something like that again one day.
My favorite way to explore new cities is
on a bike.
I’m originally from Boise, Idaho.
Yes, I love potatoes.
Costco hot dogs are my favorite thing to eat.
Give me all the gummy candy in the world and I will be so happy.
I studied graphic design for three years.
I graduated from Art Center
College of Design
with a degree in
commercial photography.
I have resting bitch face.
I love to draw on my ipad in my spare time,
and read all the books.
I re-watch Friends, Harry Potter and
Star Wars – a lot. (maybe too much)
I love to travel and explore new places with my husband, Aaron. He is the best, good thing
I married him.
Flipping through 70s interior design books
with a giant glass of wine is my ideal
Saturday night.
Exploring thrift stores and flea markets to find weird and beautiful stuff for the studio prop collection or my home is so satisfying.
I have a cat named Napoleon, and he is
huge and grumpy.
I pretty much exclusively listen to classic rock.
I buy too many ceramics.
I love going to museums, especially with my husband.