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Watercolor Easter Egg how to.
HI! We are reposting this watercolor egg dye from 2012 because it’s the best easter egg dye diy in all the land. It’s so freaking easy, and the results are so stunning. Every year I try to come up with a new easter egg dye diy to top this, and I have yet to do it. It’s hard, because this one is just so so good. If you don’t want to buy the coloring I suggest in the post, that is ok, because you can totally just use vinegar, water, and food coloring. DO THIS!

Hi Hi Hi! Yay! Our first ever crafty how to whatever you want to call it. I’m really excited for it! Watercolor Easter Eggs. Pretty right?!?! AND really really easy. I will show you. Here we go. This is what you need:

Use plastic spoons to pour dye over eggs to make Watercolor Easter Eggs. Egg dye to make Watercolor Easter Eggs. Dye + plastic spoons. I used this dye, but I’m sure food coloring would work just fine.  You need vinegar, and water to prep your eggs, and a baking sheet, or metal tin to collect the run off dye. The secret to these is to make a dark color version of dye, and then a lighter. I just added 50% more water to the existing color to make a lighter version.

Beautiful and easy Watercolor Easter Egg DIY. First prep your eggs. Get a bowl, mix 50% water and 50% vinegar and wipe the eggs down with the mixture. Dry em. Then grab you spill collector. Start with the lighter colors. Its all about layering dark to light. Hold the egg over the tin on both ends, and simply pour some color over it. After you have made your pour, turn the egg in your hand so the color goes all the way around. You MUST let the color completely dry in between the pours. I used a blow dryer to speed things up. Once your egg is dry, repeat with another light color, or a darker one. This part is where you can get crazy. You can do a lot of pours, or a little.

*See that little white plastic circle in #2? Thats a water bottle cap. It makes a great holder to dry your egg on.

** I didn’t wear latex gloves in the picture, but you probably should. :)

Beautiful and easy Watercolor Easter Egg DIY. BOOM. Super pretty, really easy, Watercolor Easter Eggs. Yay.I Really hope you guys enjoyed this as much as I did, and I hope you all find time this weekend to crank out some awesome Easter eggs! ♥ Teri


  1. Megan Not Specified Not Specified

    Love the fancy painted eggs AND the sandwich. Hell yeah. This sandwich is so much prettier than the smashed remix. <3

  2. Amy Not Specified Not Specified

    This looks like a great take on the super creamy (and unhealthy) egg salad that is traditionally made. I can’t wait to try it! (I love hard-boiled eggs)


    mon amy

  3. Chelsea Not Specified Not Specified

    What a great idea for dying eggs! Love the watercolor look. And love the idea of an egg salad sandwich that is not eggs mashed to death.

    I just love this blog. The pictures are great, the food looks (& tastes!) delicious! One of my very favorites.

  4. Averie @ Averie Cooks Not Specified Not Specified

    Your eggs are gorgeous! They’re like edible art!

  5. kaley Not Specified Not Specified

    I love these!!! I am definitely doing this next year.

  6. Lisa p Not Specified Not Specified

    The watercolor eggs are beautiful and the sandwich looks delish!

  7. ileana Not Specified Not Specified

    Wow, those eggs are seriously pretty.

  8. Emily (New York, NY) Not Specified Not Specified

    Those eggs are so pretty! I used to love coloring eggs when I was younger – I can still do it now, right?! Great job + hope to stay in touch via our blogs!

  9. Adrianna from A Cozy Kitchen Not Specified Not Specified

    Ummm…dhese are super pretty. Like rilly rilly pretty!

  10. thelittleloaf Not Specified Not Specified

    These are so pretty – kind of like pastel camouflage! Love that fresh egg salad sandwich too – beautiful :-)

  11. Sally @ Spontaneous Hausfrau Not Specified Not Specified

    Those eggs are so pretty that I’d almost want to display them in an a pretty bowl in the house. Of course, the eventual stench would keep me from doing it. But, I’m hopping onto that egg salad sandwich – the pickles sealed the deal for me!

  12. Anna @ the shady pine Not Specified Not Specified

    These are too pretty for words! Simply gorgeous and a great one for the kids!

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  15. Jenny @ Hank + Hunt Not Specified Not Specified

    Gorgeous and easy! Love this!

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  17. Mary Not Specified Not Specified

    Everything about this post is absolutely beautiful. Gorgeous Spring colors – and the sandwich looks so delicious. I truly want to lift it from the computer and eat it! No eggs in my nest anymore with my daughter off to college. Really miss coloring eggs. I was able to live vicariously through this post. Thanks!

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  19. Kettle Confections Not Specified Not Specified

    The sandwich looks so creative and simple!

    To get eggs with perfect dark yellow yolks, be sure to plunge them in iced water after boiling- ever since I’ve learned that I’ve been having them every day!

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  28. Country Blonde Not Specified Not Specified

    Great idea on the eggs!!!

  29. Alexia Francesconi Not Specified Not Specified

    Hey! Those are some pretty awesome designs! Really cute too!
    Can you do this with watercolours?

    Alexia F

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  40. andrea jackson Not Specified Not Specified

    Are the watercolor eggs uncooked or hard boiled? If uncooked can you cook them after?

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  44. Sherry Not Specified Not Specified

    These are SO BEAUTIFUL! Would go perfectly w/ our Hostess box, Amelia, for Easter! =)


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  48. Tavette Not Specified Not Specified

    The eggs are so pretty and – best part – they can actually be eaten since they’re done with something non toxic. There are so many real interesting posts for coloring eggs this year, but most warn not to eat the eggs because the coloring is toxic.

    Yours are pretty and edible – thanks.

    Tavette – S. Florida

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  72. Shae Not Specified Not Specified

    This is such a cute idea! And it seems pretty simple. . . Hopefully mine turn out as pretty as yours!

    Shae @

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  78. Nadia Not Specified Not Specified

    Very pretty. Joyeux pâques

  79. Helen Nicole Not Specified Not Specified

    Easter is coming, so I like the dish associated with eggs or chocolate. thank you for sharing. I will try to do this dish. happy Easter!

  80. Yuri Not Specified Not Specified

    great chocolate. I like to eat chocolate, although I am quite fat. ;)) I will do it~~ yummy . thank you very much

  81. Simmons Not Specified Not Specified

    I saw the same process in different blog post before but didn’t try yet. It is really easy and very simple ieda.

  82. Elena Erwin Not Specified Not Specified

    This is great. I will have to remember to come back to this for next Easter. shame I missed it for this one.

  83. Srinvasa Chaitanya Not Specified Not Specified

    can you please post a video about watercolor easter eggs, so we can make a perfect recipe. BTW, you eggs are pretty :)

  84. Daryl Ortiz Not Specified Not Specified

    wow, looks good. Wish you also add video of Easter eggs. BTW good recipe.

  85. Antony Not Specified Not Specified

    Thanks for this, I will definitely try this thing next Easter

  86. Alexa Not Specified Not Specified

    Interesting. I didn’t know we can do this eggs. Thanks for this!

  87. plumbriteinc Not Specified Not Specified

    Hi, I am very happy, You explanation is very simple which is very easy to understand.Great read thanks for share a real content. Thanks a lot.

  88. Wanda Not Specified Not Specified

    Interesting. I didn’t know we can do this eggs. Thanks for this!

  89. sakshi Not Specified Not Specified

    something different & new, planning to try this, will let you all know my experience.

  90. J. Stud Not Specified Not Specified

    What a great idea!!!! Looking forward to trying this soon!

  91. Pooja Das Not Specified Not Specified

    Great idea!!!!!!!! Looling forward to try

  92. Disha Shengale Not Specified Not Specified

    Amazing art. Thanks for sharing. I use bands for painting my eggs. But the pictures you shared are very pretty. I will try this definitely.

  93. Best Kitchen Ware Not Specified Not Specified

    Great Artwork. It is something unique my painting eggs. It’s really a beautiful idea for something like use in a school project.

  94. Saayed khan Not Specified Not Specified

    thanks for sharing Amazing eggs art

  95. Sudhakar Not Specified Not Specified

    Great idea for dying eggs! Love the watercolor look. And love the idea of an egg salad sandwich that is not eggs mashed to death.

  96. tina Not Specified Not Specified

    Hey! Your Eggs looks so pretty!

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