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DIY Wine Wrapping Paper Gift wrap for wine DIY Wine Wrap DIY DIY Wine Wrapping Paper Wine Wrapping Paper DIY Hostess gifts: annoying but necessary. It can be a stressful thing to deal with. Maybe I am being a little dramatic, but its embarrassing show up empty handed. I think the best thing to do is to just have some nice bottles of wine on hand. Wine, or any alcohol really makes an excellent hostess gift. The one thing about wine is that for some reason when you go to rite aid to buy those little gift bags to present your wine in they never have them. Or they do, it’s the weird ugly ones. I have now solved this problem. Using the bags the wine comes in, you know the ones, the tall skinny paper bags, or the brown lunch sacks, you make your gift wrap. I used some pretty cool supplies to make these designs happen. These supplies you should buy and just have. You can decorate any and everything with them, it literally takes no artistic ability, and it’s cute. So here is what I used:
1. Silver Sharpies or bronze, or gold!
2. Bingo Daubers! In lots of colors.
3. Twine, ribbons, whatever.

The bingo daubers are my new favorite thing. You can obviously make polka dots with them, but you can also do really pretty brush stroke situations. They make it so easy to make patterns. The second thing I love are metallic sharpies. I think the silver works best on brown paper. I used a mix of the sharpies and daubers to make these designs. Easy, simple, no big deal. You can draw anything. The point is, use those brown paper bags, draw some patterns, tie it at the top, boom: hostess gift.
♥ Teri

  1. The Slow Pace Not Specified Not Specified

    You’ve given me a grat idea! I have to wrap a huge jar of body lotion that I bought for a friend and I didn’t know how to do it. Now I know!!!
    Thank you! :)

  2. SuperCutePetContest Not Specified Not Specified

    This is great! What a quick and easy idea. I’ll definitely be using this.

  3. Loulou Not Specified Not Specified

    Bingo daubers! Brilliant. These are so nicely done. I especially like the one with little Christmas balls.

  4. Teresa Not Specified Not Specified

    what a great idea! we bought wine to gift for the holidays and forgot to get sleeves for them… this is so much cuter though and cheaper. thanks for the idea!

  5. Bev @ Bev Cooks Not Specified Not Specified

    YES. yes yes. Totally dig it. Gonna do it. Already did it.

    *jk haven’t done it yet.

  6. Distribuitor Saeco Not Specified Not Specified

    Everyone loves it when folks come together and share views.
    Great blog, continue the good work!

  7. Magda Not Specified Not Specified

    I like it! Great idea :-)

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  9. Beth Not Specified Not Specified

    bingo daubers! so clever!!

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