Best Super Bowl Food

Our best Super Bowl Foods all in one place. From Super Bowl appetizers to finger food ideas we have everything  you would want on this list!

Korean Corn Cheese Mini Crunchwrap Supremes Buffalo Cauliflower Pull Apart Pigs in a Blanket Carne Asada Fries Pizza Wheels

Favorite Go-To Super Bowl Appetizers: 

Korean Corn Cheese

A super easy delicious cheesy dip! 

Buffalo Cauliflower

A delicious vegetarian friendly appetizer!

Pizza Wheels

Pizza but make it bite sized!

Hush Pupppies Chicken Fried Potatoes Baby Bloomin Onions Shrimp Fritters Halloumi Nuggets Fried Deviled Eggs Korean Chicken Nuggets Fried Pickle Chips

Super Bowl Finger  Food Ideas: 

Fried Pickle Chips

Brine-y crispy delicious fried pickle chips to serve with your favorite dipping sauces! 

Chicken Fried Potatoes

A delicious twist on french fries!

Baby Bloomin' Onions

Bloomin' Onions - but make them bite sized!

Lots of Nacho recipes! Unexpected recipes like potstickers and charcuterie flatbreads.  Some good standby recipes like oven baked ribs and Buffalo Dip! 

More Super Bowl Recipes to find in our Roundup: 

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