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A recipe for a A Winter Root Vegetable Salad. Roasted beets, baby carrots, parsnips, turnips, and fingerling potatoes for a Winter Root Vegetable Salad. A Winter Root Vegetable Salad recipe topped with pine nuts and feta. I guys! So we went a little MIA this past week working on some fun projects, but we’re back with a bunch of fun and exciting things to share with all you lovelies! Today we have a roasted winter root veg. salad. I love salads like this; ones that can be considered a salad AND a side dish. I also love this salad bc you can eat it both warm and cold, so although it’s a “winter” root veg. salad, you can eat this even when it’s warm out…like LA these days, reaching around 75-80 degrees! “Are you there winter?? It’s me, Jenny”. (<~ sorry, just had to)

This dish is super filling, but won’t leave you feeling heavy and gross…my favorite kind of dish! The pine nuts add the much needed crunch and the feta a nice salty flavor. I like to shave the feta onto this salad because I like how it melts in your mouth right away, binding itself with all the other flavors going on. Plus, isn’t the shaved feta just so pretty?! You can easily shave feta by partially freezing it for about 30 minutes, then use a peeler or mandoline to shave it atop the veggies. Simple! It’ll help you avoid a crumbly mess (which actually isn’t all that terrible, is it? :) ) Anyway, I hope you all try out our Winter Root Vegetable Salad and we’ll be back with more fun treats this week! Enjoy! xx, Jenny

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Winter Root Vegetable Salad
Serves 4 to 6

2 beets, peeled and cut into wedges
10 baby carrots, peeled and cut in half lengthwise
1 red onion, peeled and cut into wedges
2 parsnips, peeled and cut into 1 Inch pieces
1 turnip, ends cut off and cut into 1 inch pieces
8 purple fingerling potatoes, cut in half lengthwise
3 tablespoons extra virgin olive oil
1 recipe, basic balsamic vinaigrette
1/2 cup pine nuts, lightly toasted
2 oz. feta cheese, shaved or crumbled

1. Preheat oven to 375°F.
2. Place all root vegetables in a large bowl, drizzle with oil and toss together. Season with salt and pepper.
3. Divide mixture between two sheet pans and spread evenly.
4. Roast vegetables for 30 to 40 minutes, gently tossing around with a wooden spoon to ensure even roasting.
5. Remove from oven and allow vegetables to cool, 4 to 5 minutes (if serving cold, allow vegetables to cool completely before refrigerating until ready to serve).
6. Transfer vegetables into a large mixing bowl and gently toss together with balsamic vinaigrette. Lightly season with salt and pepper.
7. Top with pine nuts and feta and serve.

  1. Lucy Not Specified Not Specified

    Wow this looks so yummy and healthy… might dable later :D cheers for the food-spiration x

  2. Kaitlin @ ChickadeeSays Not Specified Not Specified

    I created a very similar dish for one of my Meatless Monday’s posts! I love the addition of the pine nuts. I will have to add them next time to add another dimension of flavor!

    xx Kait

  3. Samantha Not Specified Not Specified

    Perfect! I have POUNDS of beets and parsnips left over from our last winter CSA box. This recipe fits the bill!

  4. Abby @ The Frosted Vegan Not Specified Not Specified

    You can have some of our winter, 25 below here with wind chill!! I’ve come to love beets, so they look lovely in this salad!

  5. Sarah Not Specified Not Specified

    It’s always uplifting to see some vibrant colour on the winter veg plate. I love a hearty stew or soup, but sometimes a girl needs to eat something pink or purple.

  6. Katie @ Blonde Ambition Not Specified Not Specified

    Roasted veggies are one of my most favorite things to eat year round…it’s great to get some fresh produce in during these chilly (ok it’s not that chilly here in Cali :P) winter months!

  7. Janel Gradowski Not Specified Not Specified

    The cold winter weather is hitting full-force this week. I’ll definitely be going with the warm version for awhile. :) Love the shaved feta, BTW!

  8. Lisa Troutman Not Specified Not Specified

    I made this tonight. It’s truly fantastic! Thanks.

  9. Tahny Not Specified Not Specified

    Absolutely delicious! Totally going to make this!

  10. Sweet Tooth Not Specified Not Specified

    I absolutely adore beets, and this salad would be perfect to pack and take with me to class on those cold winter days when I can’t get back to my apartment for lunch. Love it!

    Sweet Tooth

  11. Stefanie @ Sarcastic Cooking Not Specified Not Specified

    Great tip about the feta. This looks so comforting!

  12. PolaM Not Specified Not Specified

    That looks like the perfect winter salad! I have to absolutely try it!

  13. emily@totesdelishy Not Specified Not Specified

    You knife cuts make the veggies look so beautiful!

  14. Anne @ eatcleaneatreal Not Specified Not Specified

    YUM! I love roasted veggies but normally make them plain. Such a fun idea to put them into a salad!

  15. Ashley Not Specified Not Specified

    This looks spectacular! Beautiful photos :)

  16. erin @WELLinLA Not Specified Not Specified

    Definitely one of my winter staples – there is really nothing more simple or tasty or comforting than a freshly roasted tray of root veggies in the cooler months. But I am so ready for a sun-ripened tomato…! Only a few more months to go!

  17. Kankana Not Specified Not Specified

    Root Vegetable always works for me and you are right about how it’s perfect for all year round!

  18. nani Not Specified Not Specified

    this salad looks amazing. I mean everything here looks delicious.

  19. Morgan Not Specified Not Specified

    Been lurking the site for the past week or so, everything’s beautiful! I made this tonight for dinner and it was marrrrrvelous!

  20. Megan Not Specified Not Specified

    This salad is good lookin’!

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