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Yesterday our friend Anne Sage posted our cookie recipe for Sweet Raspberry and Tahini Sandwich Cookies, and today Anne is on our blog sharing a fun and easy way to package those cookies for Valentines day! Take it away Anne!

Cork scrapbook paper is inexpensive, versatile, and readily available at most craft stores. I love the earthy yet refined look it imparts to any project! For this Valentine’s Day DIY we used cork paper to transform a heart-shaped sampler box into unique cookie packaging. To begin, remove the plastic liner tray from your sampler box. Apply glue to the outside of the box lid and press on cork paper to adhere. Repeat with base of box. Let dry completely, then trim edges with a craft knife. To secure treats inside box, cut several strips of colored card stock almost as wide as your box is deep. (For our 1″ deep box we cut strips 7/8″ wide.) Form the strips into circles the same diameter as your cookies and secure ends with tape. Optionally, add a Valentine’s Day message to the lid of the box using alphabet stickers. Fill your box with sweets and deliver to your sweetheart!

So easy right? AND SO FREAKING CUTE YES! To celebrate love day, we are also doing a little giveaway. Williams Sonoma sent us a ton of really cute Valentines Day inspired stuff for the kitchen and entertaining. So we are giving it away today! Simply leave a comment telling us about the sweetest Valentine’s Day gift you’ve ever given or received! We’ll pick our favorite tomorrow night and will ship the goodies in time for the 14th. (US residents only, please! It’s a huge box!)


  1. Jen DeZeeuw Not Specified Not Specified

    My daughter Sara’s first attempt at cooking wasn’t the greatest but the best Valentine’s Day surprise ever! She was 9 years old at the time and decided she wanted to make me my favorite Red Velvet Cake. She woke up early to prepare the recipe. She followed the recipe perfectly and put the ingredients into the pan. She put it into the oven to bake and when she took it out she tried to invert the cake onto a cake plate but the cake didn’t budge. She forgot to grease the pan! Well she was just so disappointed but made the best of the situation. She took out the cake in pieces and decided she would “glue” it back together with frosting. In the end the cake looked like stained glass, which was very pretty and it tasted fantastic. Sara is now 12 and never forgets to grease the pans when baking. Every once in awhile she will make me a “Stained Glass” cake.

  2. krystal Not Specified Not Specified

    My husband and I have never been big on valentine’s day – generic cards, waxy, meh chocolates, etc. We generally cook a meal at home together and make chocolate souffle (< best thing ever).

  3. Erin Not Specified Not Specified

    I am at home in the kitchen, but my boyfriend could live with a box of cereal morning, noon and night. Last year for Valentine’s Day he surprised me with a cooking class for the two of us. What made this even more special, was that he hates group settings, but knew this was something I would love, and we would love together. A huge sacafice for him for something that would make me happy.

  4. Daly Not Specified Not Specified

    My husband (then boyfriend) remembered me mentioning that I had lost my favorite hardcover copy of the Princess Bride. At the time there were no hardcover copies in print so he hunted until he found a used one and wrote a sweet note on the inside. I treasure that book!

  5. Morgan Not Specified Not Specified

    (Love the DIY Packaging! Also…such a great giveaway idea! I love reading everyone’s best Valentine’s day gift!)

    When my boyfriend and I were really broke in college, we decided we would not buy each other presents. But when I got home from work, all the lights were dimmed and one hundred little tea candles were lit everywhere. He had set that up with dinner and roses. It wasn’t a gift–but the most beautiful Valentine’s day ever.

  6. Kathy Not Specified Not Specified

    a hug a kiss and a promise of forever love form my hubby –33 years later still going strong and still cooking dinner form him every night!

  7. Susan Not Specified Not Specified

    My mom and dad met on Valentine’s Day oh, so many years ago. They were entering a Sierra Club class at Pierce Collegeand my dad, being the gentleman, opened the door for her, and the rest is history. Unfortunately, it *is* history; he passed away from cancer in 1994. Ever since, my hubby and I have had a romantic dinner just the four of us – me, him, Mom, and Papa’s memory. But the legacy he left my mom, which lasts to this day, was a perfect love everlasting, two devoted daughters, a beautiful home he hand-built for her, and a lifetime’s worth of precious happy memories to keep her strong when things look dark. You really can’t ask for a better gift than that. God bless, Papa.

  8. Lisa Not Specified Not Specified

    My husband and I are not big on Valentine’s day. He’s nice and thoughtful to me 365 days a year so I don’t need overpriced roses or bad candy just because the calendar says so. We’ll make a nice dinner and a yummy dessert for us and the kids. I’d rather have a bouquet of daisies given out of the blue than a bunch of red roses on 2/14. I’m such a romantic.

  9. Holly Not Specified Not Specified

    the sweetest vday gift i’ve received was a book of coupons for dates, fun activities, massages, etc., that i could use for the whole year :)

  10. Gabby Not Specified Not Specified

    Since all of the kids are out of the house, we generally have a low key valentines’ day; however, one year it might not be the sweetest but it was the funniest – maybe we’ve been married too long and we know each other too well. I bought my husband a bottle of reserved captain morgan- his favorite and a nice treat. When we opened gifts, I received a bottle of my favorite liqueur. We looked at each other and laughed – thinking what has our year been like that we thought the other needed a bit of liquor. One of my most memorable and amusing valentine’s day.

  11. Christina Not Specified Not Specified

    My husband proposed to me on a Valentine’s day. I was sick but I think he was super nervous and didn’t want to put it off until I was feeling better.

  12. Rebecca Hanlon Not Specified Not Specified

    My husband is not a fan of any holiday. He really likes celebrating things “just because” and not because it’s on the calendar. That was always hard for me to grasp because it felt like I spent many Valentine’s Days alone until I found him. Of course I wanted to celebrate it.

    He kind of made up this tradition years ago while we were still dating to get me Super Bowl flowers instead of Valentine’s Day flowers. I now come to expect a big bouquet the weekend of the game, and he usually throws in something specials, like fancy cheeses and wine, because you can’t go wrong with a good gift.

  13. Ak Not Specified Not Specified

    A few years ago, I was living far from home, was single at the time and wanted to sleep my way through Valentine’s Day… My best friend sent me a little package filled with chocolates and an old school valentine card. It wasn’t much but to me, it wasthe best valentine’s day gift! Just knowing that someone’s thinking of you on V-Day is the best present (I know… that’s the corny part!).

    P.S.: I know I live in Canada but I will pay for shipping! This gift-package giveawat is way too adorable!

  14. Courtney J Not Specified Not Specified

    My boyfriend is notorious for always getting the worst gifts, so I was a little apprehensive when one Valentine’s Day he woke me up early and told me to put on a pretty dress for an adventure day trip. He then whisked me away to a day filled with secret thrift stores (which he normally doesn’t like!), a drive up Hwy 1 (with amazing views!), and back home where he had set up the apartment to look like a little French bistro and made my favorite meal – with fancy new Anthropologie plates he purchased for the occasion! Definitely the sweetest, most thoughtful Valentine’s gift I ever received.

    PS I’m making these cookies tonight!

  15. Lizzy Not Specified Not Specified

    The year I turned 30, my (now dearly departed) mother gave me the sweetest Valentine’s Day present ever; she had spent a year collecting almost a dozen antique silver, enamel and semi-precious hearts and put them all on a long silver chain so that I could have all her “love” on Valentine’s Day. Whenever I wear it, I always feel that extra love :) Happy Valentine’s Day!

  16. Cindi Not Specified Not Specified

    Five years ago the DC area experienced what many called Snowmegaddon and/or the Snowpocalypse. More snow that we had seen for many, many years. I spent days stretched into weeks home-bound with our 3 year old son, Wells, leading up to Valentine’s Day which also happened to be my 40th birthday. The snow was so high, even the shoveled walkway came up to Wells’ shoulder – not manageable for a toddler. My sweet husband risked life and limb through horrible snow and ice to get me a diamond “W” necklace that I coveted. To this day, the necklace rarely leaves my neck.

  17. Pam Not Specified Not Specified

    One Valentine’s Day, I was looking at the Valentine’s Day ads in the local paper. There were hundreds and I kind of smirked and commented to my boyfriend about how silly it was for anyone to put an ad in the paper for Valentine’s Day. I commented that only a fool would think there was one for them and waste time searching through all the ads to find it. Then I said that you would have to circle it so your love would see it. Then I got up and went and took a shower. When I got out of the shower, the newspaper was lying on the bed, with an ad circled with a big red heart. I felt stupid and touched at the same time.

  18. Nicole Not Specified Not Specified

    My parents used to always get my brothers and I each a book and a box of chocolates every Valentine’s Day. We’d come down to breakfast before school and we’d each have our gifts sitting at our seat at the breakfast table. I remember always trying to savor my little box of chocolates but usually couldn’t make it last through the day!

  19. Rosey Not Specified Not Specified

    We usually keep it simple for Valentine’s Day and save going out and doing special things for other times. Cooking a meal together, sharing a bottle of wine, listening to our favorite music has always been the sweetest and nicest way to celebrate the day. Have been doing this for nearly 30 years and it’s working out just fine!

  20. Sarah Brown Not Specified Not Specified

    One year for Valentine’s, my boyfriend took some cooking classes so that he could surprise me with a gourmet meal cooked all by himself. He had the living room decorated with tons of flowers and candles and we sat around the coffee table eating his fantastic dinner. It was the most romantic gesture.

  21. Lydia W. Not Specified Not Specified

    My boyfriend and I don’t do extravagant gifts on Valentine’s Day but last year I surprised him with his favorite breakfast: biscuits and gravy with heart-shaped biscuits!

  22. Julie Not Specified Not Specified

    For our first Valentine’s Day as a married couple, I gave my husband and I a weekend trip to a teeny tiny cabin in the woods near Russian River. We had always dreamed of our own little cabin and loved cooking meals together and relaxing in such a serene place.

    Ps. Those plates are ADORBS.

  23. Brian Not Specified Not Specified

    Two years ago, I was still in College – at the time, I was in Student government and worked at the LGBTQ Center. My schedule during the day usually had me go from the LGBQT Center in the morning to my Senate office in the afternoon.
    My boyfriend loves to create a scene and he ordered a teddy bear and chocolate (both things that I love – though who wouldn’t?) which was delivered to my office in the LGBTQ Center. Wonderfully enough, it came in and had a note to open it in front of everyone. He loved to show off.
    So I thought it was the only one for the day.
    But when I went to the Senate office, I had a not to pick up something from the mailroom downstairs. I went and I had a huge box about my height.
    I brought the box upstairs, and some of the sororities were out in the building doing fundraisers and they said “Wow! what’s in the box?” and asked me to open it up.
    So in the middle of the room, I open this box and a huge Pink Azalea tree in a pot comes out. The girls have their hands over their mouths. It’s huge! I loved it. I like flowers live and this was more than jut live, it was growing. It stayed in my Senate office for a while before I took it home.

  24. Andrea Not Specified Not Specified

    I grew up in a Korean household (which didn’t celebrate or really know about Valentine’s Day), so when my fourth grade teacher told my class about making cards for everyone, I had an idea. If Valentine’s Day was about showing people you cared for them, then, instead of cards, which everyone was expected to bring, why not buy the class pencil holders! Because who doesn’t love a good pencil holder. You can write with the pencils or pens inside! Well, apparently, that was said by no one ever. My mom helped me bring 23 teddy-bear shaped pencil holders to each of my classmates, and I received confused thank you’s and stares for my efforts, and I stared at them back with equal confusion. My teacher laughed from behind my mom. From that day on, I vowed to never give any presents to my class again.

  25. Sarah D. Not Specified Not Specified

    The best Valentine’s Day gift I’ve ever received was from my husband. At the time, we were dating and so I learned that he had obligations to work at his parent’s Chinese restaurant in San Diego on Valentine’s day because it’s always a busy night for them. Of course, I understood and didn’t really expect anything. The day after Valentine’s day I woke up at 6 am to start my work day when I received a phone call from my husband. He was waiting outside my place with a plate of delicious crepes, fresh blueberries and strawberries, and Nutella! He had driven from San Diego to Los Angeles right after the restaurant closed and started the crepe making process. He only had three hours of sleep, but he wanted to do something really, really special for me. I was VERY surprised as I had not expected him to surprise me at 6 am! I could see his love for me was really genuine and I am truly thankful for his loving care and thoughfulness. That Valentine’s day celebration is one that I will never forget!

  26. Noel M. Not Specified Not Specified

    I used to work at a flower shop as a delivery girl. Every year they bring me a little something. It’s nice to be thought of when there is no obligation, and especially on their busiest day of the year.

  27. Vy Not Specified Not Specified

    My husband and I don’t usually celebrate Valentine’s Day but I was in for a huge surprise for our first Valentine after we got married. He sent roses to my work, then suprised me with a super fun dinner of yakitori and other grilled food using a hibachi grill. Then we ended dinner with homemade chocolate covered strawberries. He’s not a cook or one of those romantic guy so that was a huge effort on his part!

  28. ChristinaW Not Specified Not Specified

    Wedding proposal from my husband ; )
    It’s been 22 years!

  29. Jordan Not Specified Not Specified

    I received a pillow with my favorite song lyrics on it!

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