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A recipe for Three Simple Summer Salads. A simple recipe for Salad Nicoise. A recipe for Southwest Pearled Couscous Salad. A simple summer salad recipe for Grilled Asparagus and Deviled Eggs. Hi Guys! We were so excited when we were asked by The Habit to create a few different summer recipes. During a time where barbecues seem to trump all other foods we thought we’d give you something light and fun. These summer salads are perfect to pair with your favorite BBQ meats because they are so light and seasonal, but also filling. We know, we know this isn’t really something you’d expect us to say, but these are simple, summer salads, with hardly a leaf in sight! These are all great salads to make ahead of time and bring to a picnic or barbecue… or just nosh on in the comfort of your own home! Head on over to The Habit for the full recipes!

Teri + Jenny



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  1. Averie @ Averie Cooks Not Specified Not Specified

    Gorgeous salads! The asparagus, the couscous – all of them just look awesome. Such vibrant and awesome photos, as usual.

  2. sarah Not Specified Not Specified

    YUM! These all look delicious! I’m searching my fridge for the makings of the asparagus deviled egg. I want it!

  3. Katie @ Blonde Ambition Not Specified Not Specified

    I’ve never seen salade niçoise look so appealing! The tuna steak is a nice touch :)

  4. Lauren Not Specified Not Specified

    Thanks! I’m always looking for new salad ideas! I get in a rut with mine. These all look delicious!

  5. Eileen Not Specified Not Specified

    Those salads look great! I especially love the couscous–but then I pretty much want tasty couscous all the time. :)

  6. Maxann Not Specified Not Specified

    That cous-cous salad looks INCREDIBLE! As a vegan, I can’t wait to add this to my weekly menu! I also wanted to let you know I used your previous 1recipe-3ways banana chocolate chip bread and made it with shredded coconut instead of chocolate chips and made it vegan friendly (I credited you, of course!) Your blog is now on my quick click guide on the left column on my blog- iammkroxc.blogspot. I encourage all my readers to check you out when they can! I keep coming back to checkout your yummy recipes, thanks for sharing :)

  7. Diane, A Broad Not Specified Not Specified

    Seriously? There should be more composed salads like this in the world.

  8. Lynna Not Specified Not Specified

    Look beautiful! How can salads look so pretty? AND delicious?

  9. Priya Sreeram Not Specified Not Specified

    refreshing and summery looking salads; loved the grilled asparagus and deviled eggs especially :)

  10. thecitygourmand Not Specified Not Specified

    Pearled couscous! Not something I see everyday ;)

  11. Anneli Faiers (@Delicieux_fr) Not Specified Not Specified

    Asparagus & Devilled Eggs do it for me! What a great idea.

  12. Anna @ Crunchy Creamy Sweet Not Specified Not Specified

    The southwest salad is calling my name! Looove it!

  13. Jenny @ BAKE Not Specified Not Specified

    I’m really getting into lettuce free salads! these all look amazing!

  14. Nicole Not Specified Not Specified

    OH MY! I should never have looked so close to dinner time – I’m starving and want all three!! I’m so glad you inspired a few salads – with this hot hot weather that’s all I want these days!

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  16. Mer C. Not Specified Not Specified

    I pinned these salads awhile ago, but finally made the southwest pearled couscous salad this weekend. Yum! The spice combo on the couscous was delicious. I added more black beans and corn, but that can’t be avoided in my kitchen. Thanks for a great recipe.

  17. Millie Not Specified Not Specified

    These salads look delish!
    If you have time, do you mind checking out my new blog, thanks! :)

  18. Shraddha Patel Not Specified Not Specified

    Hello there,

    I had pinned this post of recipes on pinterest and finally gave it a try today (end of summer almost :P) …anywaz I made the southwestern Couscous Salad….DELISH…I shared the recipe on my blog…with link to the recipes on MyhabitFix :)

    Thank you for sharing your recipe.