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A recipe for Salted Nutella Tarts. Salted Nutella Tart recipe with an almond nut butter crust. Hi All! So I know I say it all the time, but…..I don’t have a sweet tooth. I really wish I had one, but I just don’t. I love making sweets, but could totally care less about eating them. Maybe it’s because my mom was never a “baker” so to say while my sister and I grew up. Maybe it’s because sometimes my parents and I tend to order a few appetizers to share after a big meal instead of a dessert or two to split (true story). Or maybe it’s just the way I was hardwired, I don’t know. In my mind a piece of cake will never look as appetizing as a cheeseburger, I’ll always walk away from a cream puff, to indulge in a pate and cheese plate and saying no to ice cream is no big, while short-ribs? Impossible.

There’s one exception to this….Nutella. What is it about this stuff that get people (including me) so excited? I think it’s the chocolate-hazelnut flavors and the smooth, rich texture. I also think it’s because it reminds me of “Yan-Yans”. PLEASE tell me somebody know what I’m talking about? Those toasty, sort of sweet, bready sticks that are served along side a small amount of chocolate or strawberry…not even sauce but frosting! These things are awesome…but I digress.

Back to Nutella…it’s great; today we have an awesome and super simple salted Nutella tart recipe for you all. I added a touch of sea salt and topped it with a light whipped cream to offset the super decadent Nutella. Oh and lets not forget the super buttery and nutty crust! I used almonds because it’s what I had on hand, but you could replace I with hazelnuts if you prefer. Enjoy!
xx Jenny

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Salted Nutella Tarts
Makes 12

almond nut butter crust:
1 cup all purpose flour
½ cup ground almonds
¼ teaspoon salt
8 tablespoons (1 stick plus) unsalted butter, cut into cubes
1 large egg yolk
1 ½ tablespoons ice water
1 ½ cups Nutella
1 tablespoon sea salt, divided
whipped cream:
1 cup heavy cream
3 tablespoons granulated sugar
2 teaspoons vanilla extract

1. Preheat oven to 375°F.
2. Place flour, almonds and salt into a food processor and pulse together.
3. Add butter and pulse until the mixture becomes a fine mealy texture.
4. Add egg yolk and water and pulse until well combined and a dough forms.
5. Remove dough from the food processor and lightly knead.
6. Divide and press the dough into twelve, 3 inch tart shells.
7. Chill the tart shells in the freezer for 30 minutes.
8. Fill each shell with pie weights and place onto a baking sheet.
9. Bake for 15 minutes then lower the oven temperature to 350°F, remove the pie weights and continue to bake for another 10 to 12 minutes or until the shells are lightly brown.
10. Allow to cool completely before removing baked crusts from the tart shells. Fill each crust with Nutella and top with a sprinkle of sea salt.
11. For the whipped cream: Place the ingredients for the whipped cream into a mixing bowl and beat together with a hand mixer. Beat the mixture until stiff peaks form.
12. Scoop the mixture into a piping bag and pipe over each tart. Serve or chill before serving.


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  1. Jess Wakasugi {Life's Simple Measures} Not Specified Not Specified

    Holy crap, you’ve outdone yourself with this recipe. These look absolutely amazing!

    Nutella is a funny thing, something so simple yet the world goes crazy for [myself included!]. I pinned this recipe, can’t wait to try these!

  2. Megan Not Specified Not Specified

    These are the prettiest tarts ever! I love how you topped them with the whipped cream. Those little piped guys are adorable. I’d eat these for lunch if I could.

  3. Lindsay Not Specified Not Specified

    Wow those look good!

  4. Susan R Not Specified Not Specified

    These look amazing–we became addicted to Nutella on our trips to Europe. My daughters will flip over these–thank you!

  5. Heather @ A Sweet Simple Life Not Specified Not Specified

    These are so darling!! Love this!

  6. Marta Braga Not Specified Not Specified

    Hummmmmmm, delicious!

  7. cristina Not Specified Not Specified

    I really really know what you’re talking about! Nutella-all-the-time! whether you try it with bread or biscuits, it’s soooooo yummy! I could never stop eating it!

    One of my fav combo: nutella (a lot) on a slice of pandoro! ;)

  8. LMF Not Specified Not Specified

    These look perfect! And I’m so excited you give a recipe for the crust and didn’t use something ready made. :)

  9. jacquelyn | lark&linen Not Specified Not Specified

    Don’t you worry, I have a big enough sweet tooth for the both of us. This looks amazing!

  10. Caroline Not Specified Not Specified

    I read “Yan-Yans” and automatically printed off the recipe without even thinking. Way to know how to market these! :)

  11. Ryan Not Specified Not Specified

    These are absolutely wonderful looking! Nutella is incredible. And I love your photography!

  12. Kianiwai Not Specified Not Specified

    Two nights ago while walking across a parking lot late at night, I ran into a racoon. In a tree. Eating Yan-Yans.

    True story.

  13. Mary @ Bake Break Not Specified Not Specified

    How cute are those!? Well done!

  14. Arbine Not Specified Not Specified

    I ♥ Yan-Yans! I even love the strawberry flavored ones. Whenever I buy them for my daughters I always make sure to take some for myself. Must try making these. Have a lovely day!

  15. Heather (Heather's Dish) Not Specified Not Specified

    These are such stunning little tarts! Not to mention I’m sure they taste like heaven!

  16. Kate Not Specified Not Specified

    those are so purdy and yummy and delicious looking!

  17. Averie @ Love Veggies and Yoga Not Specified Not Specified

    This looks perfect. I mean Nutella and cream….hello, what’s not to love :)

  18. Jessica Not Specified Not Specified

    These look great! I’d love to make them sometime, but I only have a 9in tart pan. Do you know how well it would convert?

  19. pudding fairy Not Specified Not Specified

    first time here, following recommendation from @papilles- not desappointed, wow!. Merveilleux. And “spoon fork bacon”, what’s the inspiration behind this wicked blog name? :)

  20. Katrina @ Warm Vanilla Sugar Not Specified Not Specified

    I am in looooove!

  21. Heather (bourbonandbleu) Not Specified Not Specified

    I’m seriously obsessed with Nutella! These look wonderful and the touch of sea salt is so smart. Putting this on the weekend “to-make” list…

  22. Athena Not Specified Not Specified

    Oh yeah, this is what I’m talking’ about! I think I know what Yan-Yans are, kinda similar to pocky sticks and those hello panda snacks, right? My kids love those things. Anyway, I’m bookmarking this; I just got mini tart pans so I’m all set!

  23. Mieke Zamora-Mackay Not Specified Not Specified

    I loved Yan-Yans when I was growing up. I’ve loved Nutella for much longer. I can’t wait to try this recipe.

  24. LEAH Not Specified Not Specified

    I wish I didn’t have such a big sweet tooth! I’m in love with Nutella – sooo making this!

  25. Jen @ pretty plate Not Specified Not Specified

    Amazing, and so cute!

    : ))


  26. natalie Not Specified Not Specified

    I am obsessed with nutella, I am getting married in may and I actually wanted my cake to have nutella filling but that wasn’t an option. I really want to make these but I might do a meringue topping on it, do you think that would work as well?

  27. Lynn @ I'll Have What She's Having Not Specified Not Specified

    I’m completely addicted to Nutella. I think I’d probably devour like a million of these! Also, I need more information on these Yan Yans..

  28. The Sweet Cupcaker Not Specified Not Specified

    this looks amazing!! yum! nutella is one great ingredient to add to any dessert

  29. Alison @ Ingredients, Inc. Not Specified Not Specified

    Too fabulous for words

  30. Keia Mastrianni Not Specified Not Specified

    I am so excited to make these! Quick question- when you say ground almonds, will almond meal suffice?

    I’m curious if I should just run some finely chopped almonds through my spice grinder or just pick up some almond meal.

  31. Maggie Not Specified Not Specified

    oh. yum! EVERYTHING I make from here is Ah-Mazing!! (Zuchini tacos, Carmelized Onion Tart, Oatmeal cookie sandwiches, Kimchi Fried Rice…..yeah, LOVE this blog!)

    I’ll make this for a small dinner party tomorrow. Do you think this will work with a long tart pan rather than individuals???

  32. Sofie Dittmann Not Specified Not Specified

    there’s so much more to nutella than i would have ever thought, and we grew up w/ it in the “old” country… LOL

  33. Kianne Holnagel Not Specified Not Specified

    Can you guys do something interesting with eggplant? I love it but I want something more than just covered in cheese.

    • Jenny Park Not Specified Not Specified

      Hahaha! Only you Kianne would request such a thing! Yes, I will do a special eggplant dish for you!! Ps… Toothbrushes should be there sat. PROMISE!!!

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  35. Natalie (Fashion Intel) Not Specified Not Specified

    Wow, just wow!

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  37. Julie Not Specified Not Specified

    I made these last weekend. Super delicious!

    However I thought it was very difficult to spread the Nutella across the tarts without them breaking apart.

    Otherwise they were a huge hit in my family :)

  38. joey Not Specified Not Specified

    I don’t know what it is about Nutella but it DOES make one excited! I see Nutella and I am there…so these tarts just hook, line, and sinkered me in one fell swoop!

    And Yan-Yan!! This is a taste from my childhood!! My mom actually bought me a pack not too long ago and just eating them made me feel like a happy 10-year old again :)

  39. Kelly Not Specified Not Specified

    Love it! You should add Pinterest buttons, so I can pin these!

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  45. Alison Not Specified Not Specified

    I am just about to make these. Just wondering–when you say 1/2 cup ground almonds– Do you mean grind the almonds first and then add with the rest of the ingredients and 1/2 cups means after they are ground? Thanks! Excited to try this.

  46. Bianca @ Confessions of a Chocoholic Not Specified Not Specified

    I was searching for Nutella tart recipes and found this – they look perfect! And yes I remember Yan yan!! Unlike you, I have a gigantic sweet tooth, but you and I both cannot say no to Nutella. Thanks for sharing the recipe!

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