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Baked Chicken Flautas recipe. A recipe for Baked Chicken Flautas. Perfect for dinner or even an appetizer. Can we just talk for a second about how much I am looking forward to the Hunger Games movie? I feel embarrassed by it. Like admitting I am totally obsessed with Twilight (I’m not. Ok I am kinda am, ugh). WHY do I like all these movies? Is it a series thing? Star wars, Love. Harry Potter, I watch parts of movies at least once a week. Twilight, less so, I went through a phase with that. Why do I feel like people judge me because I love all that crap? Are you secretly judging me? Its ok if you are. I will try not to judge you for judging me. :) Do you ever wish there was like an Eternal Sunshine erase your memory pill you could buy at CVS so you could watch Star Wars and Harry Potter like it was your first time ever? I think about that a lot, and think about how awesome that would be. Please tell me some of you feel the same way as me!

Ok. Chicken Flautas. These make the perfect lunch AND make really good left overs. They are almost as good as cold pizza. I envision these are the perfect after school or after work snack. I hope you will think so too. These Quick & Easy Baked Chicken Flautas are so good!
♥ Teri

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Quick & Easy Baked Chicken Flautas
Makes 6

2 cups roasted chicken, shredded
1 1/2 tablespoons extra virgin olive oil
1/2 yellow onion, diced
1/2 poblano, seeded and diced
1 ear yellow corn, kernels and milk removed from husk
1/3 cup prepared salsa
2 tablespoons sour cream
2 ounces Monterey Jack cheese, shredded
salt and pepper to taste
6 8 inch flour tortillas
1/2 cup sour cream

1. Preheat oven to 375°F.
2. Place chicken into a mixing bowl and set aside.
3. Pour oil into a medium sauté pan and place over medium-high heat.
4. Saute onion, poblano and corn for about 5 minutes. Season with salt and pepper. Cook for an additional 2 minutes.
5. Pour onion mixture over chicken and toss together. Add remaining filling ingredients to chicken and onion mixture and stir together until mixed together. Season with salt and pepper.
6. Place a heaping 1/3 cup of the filling into one of the tortillas and spread into a log.
7. Tightly roll tortilla and place onto a parchment lined baking sheet, seam side down.
8. Repeat until all of the tortillas and filling have been used.
9. Bake flautas for 20 to 25 minutes or until the tortillas have crisped up and turned golden brown. Slice each in half and serve with sour cream.


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  1. Heather (Heather's Dish) Not Specified Not Specified

    Drooling! These sound incredible!

  2. kelsey Not Specified Not Specified

    this is getting out of hand. I’ve found myself emailing your most recent recipe EVERY DAY to my husband with a “hey, we should like… totally make this tonight.” & he agrees & it’s always delicious. so much yum!

  3. Sara Not Specified Not Specified

    I am excited you posted this recipe. But honestly, I think I was more excited to find someone else who is excited about the Hunger Games and also likes Twilight! It kinda made my day :-)

  4. Averie @ Averie Cooks Not Specified Not Specified

    These sound like a perfect party food!

  5. Angela Not Specified Not Specified


    Oh, and I am super excited about the Hunger Games movie too!

  6. rachel Not Specified Not Specified

    those look amazing! and totally with you on the Hunger Games :D my husband even surprised me for my birthday with visiting some of the filming locations this weekend.

  7. Amy Not Specified Not Specified

    These look dangerously delicious. With Mexican food (especially GOOD Mexican food), I have to stop myself before I eat the whole plate!


    mon amy

  8. Noelle (@singerinkitchen) Not Specified Not Specified

    nom nom nom. I could have these for lunch right now!

  9. Valerie @ From Valerie's Kitchen Not Specified Not Specified

    This is the perfect recipe for my house full of big boys. I need to make things like this to have on hand for them when they get hungry in between meals. These would be just right for that!

  10. Andrew [the fatty chalupa] Not Specified Not Specified

    Gotta try this version sometime, but I will say that nothing could replace the taste of deep fried flautas from Southern California taco stands :).

    • Jenny Park Not Specified Not Specified

      Totally, totally agree with you!! Fried flautas are unreal!…BUT this is just a healthier, mess free version. You could totally fry these though :)

  11. Nikki Not Specified Not Specified

    loving your amazing recipes, awesome blog styling, love of HP and your extreme excitement for the Hunger Games…you get me :)

  12. Blog is the New Black Not Specified Not Specified


  13. Louisa Not Specified Not Specified

    These look delicious! I am going to have to try them soon(with veggie chicken, though!)

    For the record, I am also very excited about the Hunger Games movie. Aaaand I love Star Wars and Harry Potter. No guilt there, they are amazeballs!!

  14. Mary @ Bake Break Not Specified Not Specified

    I totally went through a Twilight phase, too. It is slightly embarrassing… but they were SO ADDICTING!

    These chicken flautas look addicting too! Yum!

  15. Kepanie Not Specified Not Specified

    There is nothing to be embarrassed about! I’m a fellow Twi-Mum and Twilight basically has an underlying love triangle/Romeo & Juliet vibe. Why not like a modern day version of Romeo and Juliet? I still need to watch BD, #1.

  16. Anna @ the shady pine Not Specified Not Specified

    These look utterly delicious…would love some for my lunch!

  17. Aimee Not Specified Not Specified

    Delicious! I’ll have to try these and pair them with jalapeno jelly.

    I’m totally with you on Hunger Games. I bought tickets yesterday. Although, I was judgmental on Twilight (I still can’t bring myself to read them) I can now relate to the obsession over a book series.

  18. Susan Not Specified Not Specified

    on a diet to get ready for the summer and I am DYING to try these! thank you thank you thank you!

  19. Sally - My Custard Pie Not Specified Not Specified

    A selective memory wipe pill would be wonderful for reading the HP books again as well as watching the films. Always have envied Hermione’s time-turner to get some extra hours in the day too.

    Love the clarity of your images as always.

  20. These look so delicious!

  21. Jen Not Specified Not Specified

    Wow, these look amazing and pretty easy! Great pix as always.

    I 100% agree with you about the Hunger Games, can NOT wait! I don’t know how many times i can re-watch the trailers for the movie. Hope the movis is much better than the Twilght movies…

  22. Beth Not Specified Not Specified

    I’m equally obsessed with the Hunger Games. I cannot wait! Hope you enjoy the movie! I have a friend who is having a party, making all of the food featured in the books… and having all guests bring a bread that represents their “district”… Philly Soft Pretzels anyone?

  23. Amanda Not Specified Not Specified

    sounds yummy! just so you know my husband accuses me of watching all of the teen movies! I love them…got sucked into twilight by reading the books because I wanted to be able to talk to my students aboyt what they were reading:)

  24. Daniela Not Specified Not Specified

    I made these last night for dinner (so easy to make!) and they were amazing. Thank you for posting this recipe. It will be a staple in my home from now on.

  25. brookeO Not Specified Not Specified

    Yum. These would have been perfect today when I got home from work…maybe next week!

  26. Dani Not Specified Not Specified

    I got to go to an advanced screening of Hunger Games last night and it was awesome! I admittedly have not read the books so I wasn’t as crazy over the movie as my friends but I’m totally hooked and will read the entire series…this weekend. People, run don’t walk to the theater.

  27. Not Specified Not Specified

    Looks absolutely divine! So simple! Saturday lunch here we go!

  28. Emily (New York, NY) Not Specified Not Specified

    Ohh! These look yummy and fairly easy (for me!) to make! And yeah, I’m not really all that excited about the Hunger Games but only because I haven’t read the book, I think. Not saying I won’t go see it though!

  29. katie Not Specified Not Specified

    Have you ever tried this recipe with corn tortillas?

    • Jenny Park Not Specified Not Specified

      Hi Katie! Yes! I actually love using corn tortillas. I usually fill them less and roll them tighter. I also brush them with a small amount of oil to make sure they crisp up in the oven. (using corn tortillas basically turn them into “baked taquitos”) They’re super good this way too!

  30. TastefullyJulie Not Specified Not Specified

    I love chicken flautas. I’m totally sold on trying these with corn tortillas. Thanks!

  31. Kelsey Not Specified Not Specified

    Aah my husband and I had these with dinner last night, they were DELICIOUS!

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  33. Jenn Not Specified Not Specified

    This looks lovely, the Baked Chicken Flautas. Cannot wait to try them when cool weather hits. Good football food. I will pin them under Game Day Food.

    And yes, I do wish CVS sold an Eternal Sunshine Memory Erase pill, so people could forget and enjoy the sunshiney part of life, whenever. Everyone should have a sunshiney memory-filled life. Not just for rewatching Star Wars. Or Ferris Bueller’s Day Off. Or Whatever.

  34. Tracy Elaine Not Specified Not Specified

    Just made the filling for these to have ready for dinner later in the week, and I’m having a hard time not eating it all right out of the bowl. Delicious!

    I totally agree that it would be so nice to go back and see a movie, like Harry Potter or even Hugo, again for the first time. If you haven’t seen Hugo, I highly recommend. It had the same affect on me that seeing the first Harry Potter movie did. Made me feel like a kid again. :)

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  36. CiCi Barone Not Specified Not Specified

    Wow! Thank you for this!!! I made it over the weekend for my best friend’s engagement party and they were a huge hit! I got a littel creative with it and used sun dried tomotoe tortillas and added thinly sliced avacado to the inside of the roll. I’ve never been the one at a party to bring the favorite dish…I gotta tell ya, it was a good feeling!!! Thanks ladies!!!!

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  38. Miranda Not Specified Not Specified

    Question: how do you remove the milk from the corn? I’ve never heard of that before. Can’t wait to try these though! Your recipes are always amazing!

    I loved the twilight books, but the movies (ok…I’ve only seen the first two, so I may need to give them a second chance) were overrated. And I hadn’t even heard of the Hunger Games untill the hype for the movie started. LOVED Harry Potter though, both the books and the movies!

    • Jenny Park Not Specified Not Specified

      Hi! This just means after you you cut the kernels off you should run the back of your knife along the cob to remove excess liquid..the “milk”..which has a lot of flavor!

  39. Renee Not Specified Not Specified

    Can these be frozen and re-heated? I need to fill my freezer with quick and easy meals.

  40. Chantelle Not Specified Not Specified

    These are SO good!!! They are officially in my weekly dinner menu :D

  41. Jessica Not Specified Not Specified

    Made these tonight for dinner, and they were delish! Thanks for the recipe!

  42. ChelbieH Not Specified Not Specified

    Just finished making these tasty treats! I have a very happy belly, this is going into my recipe box!

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  46. Taryne Not Specified Not Specified

    Where did you get the roasted chicken?

  47. Meghann Not Specified Not Specified

    Just made these last week! They were really easy and I loved the flavor of them more than their fried counterparts.

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  49. Steph Reiner Not Specified Not Specified

    Okay just found your blog on Pinterest (of course) and could not agree with you more on those movies!!! Umm Star Wars, love. Harry Potter, yes. Not Twilight because the acting made me cringe but Hunger Games, absolutely. I also watch superhero movies and Indiana Jones more than once… Also add any Jane Austen book made into a movie. Okay I could get really carried away talking about movies…

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  54. Nooshin Not Specified Not Specified

    Hi I love these and was wondering if I can make it in the morning and keep it in the fridge until dinner. I made the mixture like someone else suggested but was wondering if I could roll them up too or will that make it soggy? Thanks :)

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