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How to make a quick cheese board. Elements to make a perfect cheese board. How to make a perfect Cheese Board. We are cheese and meat fiends. We could both live on eating off cheeseboards and be totally happy. So we wanted to show you what we think makes up a quick and easy cheese board. We also did some really fun quick and easy little DIY stuff with some Valspar Paint. So let’s jump into what makes our tablescape neat. We poured some Valspar Paint into some clear glass ornaments and strung them with some pinecones to create some really simple garland that you could hang anywhere (you could also use scented pinecones, they smell amazing). We also took some old mason jars we had hanging around that painted the inside of them and then used them as vases. We painted some wood blocks we picked up at the hardware store to use on our table to give things some height. Super simple stuff. We paired with Valspar for this project because they have this really awesome program going on. It’s called Love Your Color. Basically, they know that choosing the right paint is scary, so they guarantee that you love your color you choose, and if you don’t they will give you a new one. Simple, awesome, stress free color picking. Yay! The Valspar Love Your Color Guarantee runs through October 7, 2013, so if you’re thinking about painting a room, do it before then!

We all know that this time of year can get super crazy so why not also give yourself a break and forget the long, low and slow braises or fussy put together apps. We think an awesome cheese board (and lots of wine!) is all you need for your next holiday or cocktail party. When we say cheese board we don’t mean one of those pre-made cheddar cheese, ham and Ritz cracker platters with plastic tops (although we have happily noshed on a handful of those in the past), we mean head out to your local cheese shop or even grocery store and see what they have! We like mixing our meats and cheeses up and giving our guests variety. Along with the charcuterie and cheese you want to give your guests cheese board “fixin’s” such as a nuts (we made some maple cinnamon pecans for the holiday season), fruit whether dried or fresh (in the grape, apple, pear variety), honey for an extra touch of sweetness, and finally some nice crostini to pile everything else onto before shoving it in your mouths… We definitely had a field day eating this spread up! Super basic, super good. Enjoy, everyone!

Side Note: We hope you’re excited because once the new year hits we are going to present you all with a detailed run down of our own ideal charcuterie and cheese spread, and it’s pretty cray! Told ya we love meat n’ cheese. :)

Full Disclosure: We collaborated with Valspar Paint and were compensated for this post. Our opinions (especially concerning meat and cheese, thoughts, and photographs are our own.


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  1. Maggie Not Specified Not Specified

    Beautiful! I’m from WI so I too am a a big “meat & cheese” girl ;)

  2. this is lemonade Not Specified Not Specified

    And I openly declare forthwith that no one could pay me to change my love of meat cold meats and cheese either! Beautiful! Delicious!

    And the paint effects are not bad either – very good colours to off set a dramatic and festive display :)

  3. Shelly Not Specified Not Specified

    beautiful photos! I believe strongly in the idea that good cheese is all you need!

  4. Ashley Not Specified Not Specified

    All of the colors together are gorgeous! What a fun little table of edible goodies. I love the spiced pecan, dried fruit, honey, bread combo and also that you used the word “noshed.” :)

  5. Katrina @ Warm Vanilla Sugar Not Specified Not Specified

    Simply fabulous!

  6. teawiththemoon Not Specified Not Specified

    Yum! Wish I could grab through the screen :)

  7. Katie @ Blonde Ambition Not Specified Not Specified

    Cheese boards have to be one of my favorite things to munch on at parties! Nuts and fruit always help for it to feel a bit healthy too :) Beautiful spread!

  8. Yelle Not Specified Not Specified

    Yum! Definitely love having meat with cheese, such a perfect pairing. And I love your cheese knife, gorgeous!

  9. Alison Not Specified Not Specified

    Beautiful! I think cheese and sliced meats is one of the things I’m most looking forward to enjoying once I’m no longer preggers. Only four more months to go :-)

  10. Noelia Not Specified Not Specified

    I love it. Kiss

  11. Stefanie @ Sarcastic Cooking Not Specified Not Specified

    I once ate an entire meat and cheese board for my meal. I am right there with you ladies. Meat, cheese, salty sncks, and some olives. Yum!

  12. Piper Not Specified Not Specified

    Great spread! I love Cheese boards more than anything else. Where did you find the clear glass ornaments? I have looked everywhere and they are impossible to find…

  13. Joanna Not Specified Not Specified

    I’m starving! Love the pictures and table decor. But where’s your sangria recipe!?

  14. Brian @ A Thought For Food Not Specified Not Specified

    A great post for those entertaining this holiday season!

  15. Diego Not Specified Not Specified

    Where did you get that cheese knife? Is it Klingon?

  16. Diego Not Specified Not Specified

    WOW! Thanks for the quick reply!

  17. taylor Not Specified Not Specified

    what a festive photo shoot! i love the cheese board

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  19. Lizzie Not Specified Not Specified

    I know I am waaay late to this party, but would love to know how you made that beautiful evergreen bouquet in the vase on the table!

  20. Regina Not Specified Not Specified

    Your blog is so beautiful, and yummy, I hope you don’t mind but I pinned some of your beautiful pictures to my pinterest.

    Have a very nice week :)

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