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Happy Thanksgiving guys! We hope you will all be preparing for tomorrow by eating some light salads today! We thought it would be nice to round up some of our favorite Thanksgiving cocktails in case you have the best job, which is being in charger of booze. We have a lot of variety, including a fun mocktail which is so exciting for kinds. 
Left to right:
1. Pear & Bubbles

2. Cranberry Tangerine Rosemary & Cream Soda Mocktail
3. Honeycrisp and Bourbon Spiced Cider
4. Sparkling Apple Sangria
5. Hibiscus & Ginger Champagne Cocktail
6. Winter Spiced Old Fashioned

We hope you all have a wonderful time tomorrow. Happy Thanksgiving! Stay Safe!
Teri + Jenny

  1. Jocelyn (Grandbaby Cakes) Not Specified Not Specified

    All of those drinks look incredible, and those pumpkins are so darling.

  2. Kate Not Specified Not Specified

    My fiance LOVES old-fashioneds, and I think I have a few cardamom pods floating around! We’ll have to try that this weekend for sure. Thanks for the post!

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