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We’re celebrating the first week of spring with our Sweet Potato Spudnuts, although this time we’ve glazed them each with a variety of flavors. Springtime just screams fresh, bright and beautiful and since we’re big doughnut lovers over here, it all just works. The ratio I’ve used for the glazes are about 1/2 cup fruit puree to 2 – 2 1/2 cups powdered sugar OR 3 1/2 tablespoons whole milk to 2 – 2 1/2 cups powdered sugar. I like a glaze with some body to it, but I don’t like it to be thick like frosting. When it comes to doughnuts, it’s also nice to have a little bit of fun with the toppings. I like to use fresh/freeze-dried fruits and herbs for color, texture and flavor, but the options are endless, really…the black sesame seeds are also fun to use and look quite beautiful and dramatic.

Today we’ve topped our doughnuts with these glaze flavors: vanilla bean, blackberry, raspberry, and matcha, but you can really go crazy and play around with your favorite flavors. Enjoy! xx, Jenny

  1. Rebecca @ Bring Back Delicious Not Specified Not Specified

    Did you puree the raspberries for the raspberry glaze or use raspberry powder?

    • nmharleyrider Not Specified Not Specified

      she said 1/2 cup of fruit puree to 2 1/2 cups of powdered sugar. Dunno what that means to you but to me that would indicate to me that she pureed it lol.

  2. Sarah Not Specified Not Specified

    This is beautiful! What are the white dots on some of the donuts?

  3. Kelsey M Not Specified Not Specified

    So cute!!

  4. Cheryl @neurotic baker Not Specified Not Specified


  5. Emma Not Specified Not Specified

    Talk about creative. They look so unique. Well done. I bet the other mums would be impressed if you showed up with a tray of those on a playdate with the kids!

  6. Ashley@blondegirlcravings Not Specified Not Specified

    wow. these are stunning!

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  8. Nancy M Carlson Not Specified Not Specified

    Sounds healthier then most which is nice. I
    am curious about the little white balls on
    the top of some….?????
    Good job!

  9. Regine Not Specified Not Specified

    Would an orange puree work too? The problem may be that the orange has more “water” than raspberries or strawberries.

    • Jenny Park Not Specified Not Specified

      For that one I would cut the amount in 1/2 and only use the fresh squeezed juice. You can boost the flavor by adding in a bunch of grated orange zest!

  10. Kimberly Not Specified Not Specified

    Tapioca Pearl’s I think

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