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diy_mothers_bouquet Hi! About a year ago I got to photograph this book called The Flower Chef. It was a really fun project because it was all flowers! Something I had never really done all the much of. The author Carly is such a great lady, and I had a wonderful time working on this book with her. She is a flower wizard, which is why I asked her to do something with us for the blog in celebration of Mothers Day. :) Carly has a recipe in her book called “Grocery Store Spiral” which is easy and charming. The recipe calls for grocery store flowers, so I decided to ask Carly to come over and show us all this technique with flowers I picked out. I ended up getting all these flowers from Trader Joes. I know these flowers are super pretty, and not very typical of the flowers you can normally find in the store, but the trick is to pick at least three different kinds of flowers. Carly says you should pick two nicer kinds of flowers, and then a third that is more green. Having said that, you can really buy whatever you want. That is why I love this flower recipe so much, because it’s more about technique, and how to get the grocery store flowers to look their best.
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DIY Grocery Store Mothers Day Bouquet

Flowers (three different kinds or more!)

1. Lay out all the flowers divided by flower type.
2. Touch the tips of your thumb and index and middle fingers together to make a small circle. This is the holder for your flowers as you spiral. Choose your first flower and place it in the crook of your hand so that the stem rests between your thumb and index finger about a third of the way down the stem.
3. Take the second stem you choose and place it over the first flower, so that the stems meet in an X shape about a quarter of the way down.
4. Add your third stem so that all three stems cross one another a third of the way down. Avoid clenching the stems a stiff grip squishes the stems and stacks the flowers side by side instead of overlapping in a spiral.
5. Rotate the bouquet one quarter-turn to one half-turn, and repeat the steps above but this time cross the stems slightly closer up to the blooms to your bouquet will begin to create a dome shape. Your goal is for the flowers at the center to be the highest and for the bouquet to gradually and evenly slope down on all sides. If you need to adjust any flowers slightly loosen your grip and adjust the blooms you need to.
6. At this point you should be done, and your bouquet looks amazing. Use your twine and wrap it around tightly to secure all your stems.
7. Now trim all the stems so they are the same length, and give this bouquet to your Mom. :)

If you like this recipe, consider buying the whole book The Flower Chef with tons of amazing flower recipes! :)


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    Those are beautiful! I’d love to get that “recipe” as a Mothers Day gift!

  2. Eden Passante Not Specified Not Specified

    Love this! What a great gift!