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Chocolate Chip Coconut Banana Bread recipe. A twist on the traditional banana bread recipe. Chocolate Chip Coconut Banana Bread recipe.

While the work piles up, and time off is non-existent, staying sane for me happens with the little things. Here are some of my little things:

1. Do something that makes you feel pretty. Pluck those eyebrows or braid your hair, or wear some neat jewelry.

2. If you have a spare moment, Google pictures of somewhere you want to go. My latest go to Google image search is camping in a tee pee.

3. Look at A Cozy Kitchen’s Cute Animal pinterest board:

4. Draw doodles. My favorite doodle is looking at someone, drawing his or her face without looking at the paper or lifting up the pen.

5. Think about how much cooler life is going to be once Downton Abbey returns.

6. Take baths. They are awesome and relaxing and I don’t think most people do it enough.

Ok you guys. We have some crazy delicious Banana Bread for you today. Do you see its one recipe three ways? Throughout the week we will be posting two more recipes that utilize banana bread in other crazy amazing combinations. So keep a look out. We hope you love them!
♥ Teri

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include a photo

Chocolate Chip Coconut Banana Bread
Makes 1 (9”) loaf or 3 (5”) loaves

banana bread:
2 cups all purpose flour
1 teaspoon baking soda
1/2 teaspoon salt
1/2 teaspoon ground cinnamon
3 medium (over-ripe) bananas
1/2 cup (1 stick) plus 2 tablespoons unsalted butter, softened
1 cup plus 2 tablespoons granulated sugar
2 eggs
1 teaspoon vanilla
3/4 chocolate chips
2/3 cup shredded coconut, toasted

1. Preheat oven to 350°F. Lightly grease a 9 inch loaf pan (or mini loaf pans) and set aside.
2. Sift flour, baking soda, salt, and cinnamon together, into a mixing bowl and set aside.
3. In a large mixing bowl, melt butter. Add bananas and mash with a fork.
4. Add sugar and vanilla to bansna mixture and stir together until completely combined.
5. Add eggs and continue to mix together.
6. Stir dry mixture into wet mixture until well combined and fold in chocolate chips and coconut.
7. Pour batter into prepared loaf pan (or pans) and bake for about 45 minutes or until a toothpick comes out clean when inserted into the center of bread.
8. Allow bread to cool in pan for about 20 minutes before removing and allowing bread to cool completely. Slice and serve.

*To Freeze: Wrap cooled loaf tightly with plastic wrap, followed by foil and place in freezer fir up to 2 1/2 months for maximum freshness. If making mini loaves, make sure to individually wrap each loaf before freezing.

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  1. Jenny @ BAKE Not Specified Not Specified

    I love banana bread and the addition of chocolate chips i imagine only makes it better! I love your ‘sanity list’ I might have to come up with one of my own!

  2. Maria Not Specified Not Specified

    I want a slice right now!

  3. Maren Not Specified Not Specified

    This looks so good! I make banana bread all the time but never thought of adding coconut.

  4. jenn Not Specified Not Specified

    amen to #5! i need some lady mary in my life!

    and, banana bread. yummmm

  5. Averie @ Averie Cooks Not Specified Not Specified

    Pretty looking bread! Ive been on a major banana bread kick lately and this looks delish!

  6. Heather Not Specified Not Specified

    This looks like an amazing recipe, and it came at such a perfect time. I was hoping you could tell me whether or not the shredded coconut is sweetened or unsweetened. All we have is unsweetened, and I want to make sure I’m not changing the flavor too much.

    • Jenny Park Not Specified Not Specified

      I used sweetened, but using unsweetened is just fine, really!

      • Heather Not Specified Not Specified

        Thanks! I went ahead and used unsweetened and it’s in the oven now. Though I didn’t have a bread loaf pan so I turned them into muffins instead. Hopefully they turn out well.

  7. Adrianna from A Cozy Kitchen Not Specified Not Specified

    My animal pinboard is my best work to date. I wish I could get paid from doing that. I WANT DIS BREAD NOW

  8. Katrina @ Warm Vanilla Sugar Not Specified Not Specified

    Mmmm what a treat!!

  9. Nealey @ Dixie Caviar Not Specified Not Specified

    Three of my favorite things! (Chocolate chips, coconut, and banana bread of course.)

    And yes, bath are highly underrated. I’m always miffed when people say they don’t like them!

  10. Amanda||Eclectic Snapshots Not Specified Not Specified

    This looks amazing! I don’t like bananas but banana bread is a favorite of mine … Can’t wait to try this recipe!

  11. Beth Not Specified Not Specified

    I just gotta say. I personally believe if it’s not on PBS it’s not worth watching. (At least 90% of the time.) And PBS is probably even better if you’re eating banana bread at the same time.

  12. thecitygourmand Not Specified Not Specified

    Banana bread is an absolute staple in my kitchen – couldn’t live without the stuff!

  13. Naomi Liddell @ Rocked By Life Not Specified Not Specified

    I need to get making a sanity list.

    And banana bread, with chocolate chips. In fact, you’ve inspired me to fit both in tonight!

  14. Noble Pig Not Specified Not Specified

    I love a good banana bread but when chocolate & banana bread are involved…magic happens and then coconut…wow…I’m in on this.

  15. Nadine Not Specified Not Specified

    Brings me back home to the comforts of my mother’s kitchen. I’ll be making YOUR recipe tonight.

  16. Nadine Not Specified Not Specified

    Brings me back home to the comforts of my mother’s kitchen. I’ll be making YOUR recipe tonight.

  17. Krystal Not Specified Not Specified

    This looks amazing! Can’t wait to try it out! Thanks for sharing!!

  18. Patti Not Specified Not Specified

    Next installment, please!

  19. Ashley Not Specified Not Specified

    How did I just discover your **GORGEOUS blog?! It’s been a joy browsing through your past posts, and this banana bread?! Love!

  20. Dayna Not Specified Not Specified

    Oh. Em Gee. My life will be SO MUCH cooler once Downton Abbey returns. I was literally just thinking about that today. ESPN! (Mean Girls reference….)

  21. Lynna Not Specified Not Specified

    this looks SOO SO GOOD! i love banana bread!

  22. Javelin Warrior Not Specified Not Specified

    I love banana bread with chocolate chips but I’ve never tried adding coconut – this looks fantastic and now I’m craving a slice of banana bread! I’m featuring this post in today’s Food Fetish Friday (with a link-back and attribution). I hope you have no objections and I can’t wait to see what you create next…

  23. Lucia Not Specified Not Specified

    We should always do something that makes us pretty… Thanks for reminding us!

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  25. Jeanee, Not Specified Not Specified

    Thanks for the wonderful recipe and photography, ladies! I’m going to freeze slices of your banana bread to spread out the joy. And I included your recipe in a roundup of 10 scratch meals that freeze well–a new way of thinking about “convenience foods.”

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  27. FLaure Not Specified Not Specified

    Merci pour cette belle recette qui nous a ravi. Elle a été éditée sur mon blog aujourd’hui, en donnant l’adresse de votre blog.
    Bonne journée, FLaure

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  29. jenni Not Specified Not Specified

    Holy shitsnacks! if you could bottle the smell in this house, you could sell it as an aphrodisiac!
    this bread is like amazeballs amazing! I’m loving it and my neighbors are drooling! hehehe
    thanks for sharing this delicious deliciousness!

  30. CherylK Not Specified Not Specified

    I have made this three times in the past couple of weeks…everyone LOVES it! I used chopped pecans instead of chocolate chips. Sooooo good!

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  34. Michelle Not Specified Not Specified

    I’d like to make these is muffin form!! What aside from baking time would I need to adjust? And how long should I bake them for? Thanks!! I can’t wait to try

    • Jenny Park Not Specified Not Specified

      Just remember to fill them only about 1/2 way bc they rise quite a bit. I’m not sure about the bake time, but my guess is 30-40 min. I would still check them while baking to make sure. Good luck!

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  36. Lina Goelzer Not Specified Not Specified

    I made mini-muffins with this and they turned out great! I made a few changes to the recipe: I replaced half of the butter with apple sauce, and part of the sugar with maple syrup. I also used “white whole wheat” flour, so i had to add an extra half cup of milk and used a tiny bit more baking powder and baking soda. I baked them for 15 minutes :)

  37. Laura Hewitt Not Specified Not Specified

    Just made this and it is absolutely delicious! Only snag I ran into was it overflowed the 9inch loaf pan I use. Not sure if I made a mistake somewhere but I think next time I will
    split the batter into two loaf pans.
    Amazing recipe, thanks so much for sharing!!

  38. Karly Not Specified Not Specified

    Hi! Thank you so much for this recipe. I made this is muffin form (baked for 30 min) and they just turned out fantastic. My husband loved them and my kid cannot get enough of them. Thanks so much.

  39. Doreen Not Specified Not Specified

    Hi! Thanks for this recipe. I made this today and it’s yummy! I just added a little more coconut for more crunch and it’s so good! My family will absolutely love this! Thanks again!

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  42. Shweta Not Specified Not Specified

    Hi there! My sister and I have made this recipe so many (easily 10+) times over the last several years – and it is absolutely delicious every time. We love the toasted coconut and the chocolate chip add-ins. Thank you for the recipe. I tried the recipe out today with white-wheat flour, coconut oil and canola oil because of lactose intolerance, as well as brown sugar/honey instead of sugar (I ran out). It’s good – a little less sweet, but still tasty!

    On a personal note, thank you for thriving as an Asian-American blogger! I’m inspired every time I see women of color, especially those whose family of origin may have immigrated from Asia, doing big things.