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Sweet Pea Cocktail Sweet Peas for a cocktail recipe Tarragon garnish for our Sweet Pea Cocktail Muddled lemon, cucumber, and sweet peas for a cocktail recipe. Are you guys obsessing over sweet peas as much as we are? We don¹t think the little pods could be any more precious. We have been cooking with them like crazy! So today we posted a recipe for a Sweet Pea Cocktail over at MyHabit’s theFIX. We muddled some sweet peas with cucumber and lemon and created the most refreshing spring in a glass cocktail ever. It has quickly become our new favorite. So click on over to MyHabit’s theFIX for the full recipe for this perfect spring cocktail!

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    How unique! Would never have thought one could put peas in a drink.

  2. Smitten Foodie Not Specified Not Specified

    I’m intrigued by this recipe, sounds refreshing and so springtime.

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