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I’m not so into New Year’s resolutions that involve “getting healthy” because after about 1 week of pressuring myself to overhaul my diet and double up on my workouts I poop out, give up and basically feel like a failure. Then the cycle repeats itself at the start of every year and it’s always a bummer. So, I try to focus more so on things like choosing a specific work/professional goal as well as a personal one – no matter how big or small. I tend to do better with those kinds of resolutions. With that said, thinking about our overall physical and mental wellness, especially at the beginning of each year is pretty hard to avoid in general, as it is top of mind for many.. Instead of trying to force myself into a “healthy” New Year’s resolution I now just try to slowly ‘reset’ myself at the start of each year. I do small, subtle things that are extremely easy for me to remember and accomplish like adding nutritional value to my everyday routine with things I (and most people) already have in their pantry. I’m big on fresh squeezed citrus juice, so I try to juice fresh oranges or grapefruit at least once a week, to have on hand throughout the week.

One of the subtle changes I’ve been making is adding  McCormick’s Ground Ginger and Ground Turmeric to my morning juice. I always have some on hand and it’s too easy to just scoop a little into my drink. Both spices have amazing effects. Turmeric (which is actually in the ginger family) is great in aiding digestion, reducing cholesterol, is wonderful as an anti-inflammatory agent, it acts as a natural painkiller, and does so much more. Ginger also has many great properties similar to turmeric and can also help increase your metabolism and aid in headaches and migraines. The ground ginger also adds a nice hint of spiciness to the drink that’s super subtle, but really delicious.
I love starting my day with this tasty juice that really helps to keep me energized throughout the day. I also love that it’s become so easy to create simple and delicious ‘wellness elixirs’ at home these days with fresh spices most of us have at home and are familiar with already. In fact, in December McCormick launched their 2018 Flavor Forecast and included ‘Drinks to your Wellness’ as a key trend to spot in the future. It totally beats forcing myself into a strict diet and workout regimen that I won’t keep up for more than a week. This Sparkling Orange, Strawberry and Ginger Juice is something I can and will easily keep up with throughout the year. Enjoy! :)
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Sparkling Orange, Strawberry and Ginger Juice

Makes 18 ounces

4-5 strawberries, hulled and thinly sliced
2-3 large Cara Cara oranges, halved and juiced (about 12 ounces)
1 teaspoon McCormick® Ground Turmeric

1/2 teaspoon McCormick® Ginger, Ground

6 ounces sparkling water
fresh thyme sprigs

1. Place a few ice cubes and sliced strawberries into 3 glasses. Set aside.
2. Fill a cocktail shaker (or jar with a lid) with a handful of ice and add the fresh orange juice, turmeric and ginger.
3. Vigorously shake mixture for 1 minute.
4. Evenly divide juice mixture into the 3 prepared glasses and top off with a generous splash of sparkling water and gently stir.
5. Squeeze a few thyme sprigs together between your fingers, to release the natural oils, and place atop each drink to garnish. Serve.

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  1. Julie Not Specified Not Specified

    I am so totally with you on resolutions. Nope – I’m out. This sounds REALLY tasty. Will have to give it a whirl.

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