Cantaloupe and Brie Grilled Cheese Sourdough for Grilled Cheese Brie Cheese Cantaloupe and Brie Grilled Cheese If you’re really over these Grilled Cheese posts, good news, this is the last one! It’s a personal favorite: Cantaloupe and Brie Grilled Cheese. I love brie, and brie with cantaloupe is really awesome. If you want to get really crazy, I would add some prosciutto. So with all these Grilled Cheese situations we have been posting I kind of want to throw a grilled cheese party. This would be such an awesome party for so many reasons. First, you have your guests cook the food and not you, that’s pretty cool. Second, you can just buy everything and you don’t have to slave in the kitchen for hours and hours. Third, everyone gets to eat what they want. I imagine it being some kind of awesome set up with all kinds of pre shredded pre sliced cheese, and lots and lots of toppings. Why isn’t this is a thing? Oh wait, it is a thing. I just looked it up on Pinterest. Man, sometimes Pinterest can be such a downer. Quick! Direct me to the best inspirational quote board you know! ☺(All jokes aside, I love Pinterest).
♥ Teri

Cantaloupe and Brie Grilled Cheese

Ingredient List:
sliced sourdough bread
sliced brie cheese
peeled, seeded and thinly sliced cantaloupe
fresh thyme leaves, optional
salted butter, softened

1. Slather both sides of each slice of bread with butter.
2. Layer brie onto a piece of sourdough and top with pieces of cantaloupe. Top the cantaloupe with another thick layer of sliced brie.
3. Top the cheese with fresh thyme leaves, if using and top with another slice of sourdough.
4. Top grilled cheese with another slice of sourdough and gently press together.
5. Place a cast iron skillet over medium heat and melt a couple tablespoons of butter. Once the butter has melted and the skillet is hot, carefully place the grilled cheese into the skillet and cook for 4 to 5 minutes or until the bottom is nicely toasted and some of the cheese has melted.
6. Flip the grilled cheese and continue to cook for an additional 3 to 4 minutes or until the bottom is toasted and the remaining cheese has melted.
7. Transfer grilled cheese onto a cutting board. Allow the sandwich to sit for 3 to 5 minutes before cutting the half and serving.