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Around this time of year, baking is what we become majorly into. We usually use it as an excuse to buy more fancy pans and upgrade some of the old rusted tools we have in my drawers. Here are some pieces we have been eyeing on eBay that we would love to add to our own collection that would be perfect for holiday baking. Be sure to follow us on eBay to check out our other collections that all have amazing kitchen tools and accessories. We have a lot of collections!

1. Emily Henry Pie Dish. These pie dishes are a pretty penny, but far superior to the ones you find at the grocery store. They are so heavy and durable, and they bake soooo evenly. Perfect for our Spiced Butternut Squash Pie!

2. Marble Rolling Pin. We love this because the heavy weight of the pin makes your dough more even when you’re rolling it out.

3. Beautiful Non Stick Fluted Cake Mold. We love this pans for when you want a dessert that impresses, but you don’t have the time. These kinds of molds are great because the cakes always look so beautiful and only need a sprinkle of sugar to finish them.

4. Rectangular Tart Pan. This tart pan is so versatile. Think of a beautiful fruit tart, or a simple quiche!

5. Stainless Steel Shaker. This is a really simple item, but having these in your kitchen are so great. We fill ours with powdered sugar, or flour. It’s so nice to have one of these next to you filled with flour when you’re rolling out dough.

6. Pastry Crimper. These kinds of tools are our favorite. You can make an awesome edge on your hand pies or giant adult sized pop tarts with no work. We have a really pretty Blueberry Slab Pie that this tool would be perfect for!

7. Dansk Large Baker. I was so excited to find these. I know they had previously sold them at Crate and Barrel, but they sold out so quick! We use these all the time (you have probably seen them on here before), and they are just perfect for casseroles, roasting, and baked goods. LOVE!

We would love to know what you guys have in store for holiday baking! Please share!

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  1. Stefanie @ Sarcastic Cooking Not Specified Not Specified

    Oh man, I need that dough crimper and that shaker!!!

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