We thought we would do a little something different for you today. A round up of our fav summer recipes that you can hopefully enjoy this weekend!

1. Flavored Ice Cubes Drop them into glasses of sparkling water with some booze and chill out!

2. Sweet Cherry Crostinis These have some ricotta and lemon zest. An easy and perfect way to use those fresh cherries.

3. Grilled Zucchini Tacos A personal favorite of mine. Refreshing and pretty.

4. Spicy Black Bean Burger You don’t have to buy frozen veggie patties to enjoy a vegetarian burger. These are moist and have a little kick!

5. Mini Blueberry Galettes Cute little desserts.

6. S’mores Cupcakes Ohhhhh yes. Everyone loves S’mores, so we got em in cupcake form for you.

7. Sweet Cherry Gin & Tonic Pretty and delicious. An ombre drink!

8. Blueberry Smoothies With bananas and buttermilk. Hello delicious breakfast!

There you have it. Our favorite summer recipes. Get outside and drink some booze (or not) and get some vitamin C!

♥ Teri