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A recipe for roasted baby artichokes. A recipe for roasted baby artichokes. A recipe for roasted baby artichokes. A recipe for roasted baby artichokes with drawn butter.

Roasted baby artichokes. Yum. Why baby artichokes? I have sort of a thing against cleaning big artichokes. Love eating them, hate cleaning them. This is ONLY because I had to clean, poach and grill countless artichokes at my first restaurant job a few years ago. That, along with the memory of my executive chef screaming at me and throwing pots against the wall because I stopped my prep to get myself a band-aid after cutting myself, was enough to scar me…for life (I know, I’m a wuss). That’s why I prefer the little guys :) Also, baby artichokes are a lot cuter! You guys might be questioning the addition of the mayo in the butter…right? This is actually something I picked up this summer from a friend. It was a family thing for him. I love things like that, don’t you? Learning little family food quirks here and there are my favorite! Obviously if you don’t like mayo (whaaa?) you can leave it out and it will be just as delicious!
xx Jenny
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Roasted Baby Artichokes
Serves 3 to 5

1 lb baby artichokes
3 tablespoons extra virgin olive oil
salt and pepper to taste
butter sauce:
¼ cup drawn butter
½ teaspoon crushed red pepper flakes
2 tablespoons mayonnaise

1. Preheat oven to 350°F.
2. To clean the baby artichokes: Trim the outer, green leaves from the artichoke, until you reach the soft, yellow leaves.
3. Cut the tops off and trim the stem.
4. Cut each cleaned artichoke in half and toss together in a bowl with the olive oil, salt and pepper.
5. Spread the artichokes onto a baking sheet, in a single layer and roast in the oven for 25 to 30 minutes.
6. For the sauce: stir together the drawn butter and pepper flakes. Pour the mixture into a small bowl and dollop the mayo into the center of the bowl. Serve as a dipping sauce to the artichokes.

  1. Naomi Not Specified Not Specified

    Soooo good.

  2. Bev Weidner Not Specified Not Specified

    WOW. I could seriously shove those in my face this second, for breakfast.

  3. Meredith Ericksen Not Specified Not Specified

    These look/sound soooo yummy…and I love how you all photograph the food…works of art!

  4. Kate Not Specified Not Specified

    those are sooo cute. and look so yummy

  5. Adrianna from A Cozy Kitchen Not Specified Not Specified

    Cleaning artichokes are the worst thing ever. WAY too much work, never worth it. I usually just buy frozen peeled artichokes…but now I’m gonna do the baby thing. Everything is cuter in baby form, anyway.

  6. Shop Sweet Things with Jeanne Not Specified Not Specified

    I have yet to try to make anything with artichokes… maybe cause most ppl do say they are hard to prep.. but these baby ones seem pretty approachable. do they normally sell baby ones in the market, or do i need to find them in specialty markets like whole foods, etc.?

    • Jenny Park Not Specified Not Specified

      Hi Jeanne! It’s hit or miss for me at regular markets. I usually pick mine up at Trader Joe’s or Whole Foods. I promise you, this is super easy!

    • Andrea Not Specified Not Specified

      Hi Jeanne, you can typically find baby artichokes in any smaller independent supermarket.
      Especially in Italian and Spanish neighborhoods.
      Dont be afraid of the big ones either just remember they bite.
      I love to make stuffed artichokes on a cold and rainy day, I buy 6 and freeze 4.
      I stuff them with:
      I reduce some finely chopped onions and mushrooms and simmer them down with EVOO and some garlic.
      I add some italian seasoned bread crumbs, parm cheese S&P a few red pepper flakes and basil in a bowl with 1 egg….or not.
      Mix it all together and let sit while you prep the chokes.
      Use a sissor to trim the thorns off the leaves, but cut the bottom stem flat so will sit flat in a big sauce pot.
      Cut the top off about an inch or so so you can work the stuffing into the leaves.
      Wash well and open up from the center of the choke flower and clean that out from all the sorta sharper small purplish white leaves in there, be careful, it is good to have it kinda open in the center to put a good amount of stuffing,
      I put a bit of EVOO on my hands to rub around the choke makes it easier to stuff, use a tea spoon and stuff away, every leave doesn’t have to be stuffed, when I first started this I stuffed too much.
      When done stuffing put a squeeze of lemon over them and a pat of butter at the top.
      I like to put mine in a big sauce pot with a bit of water and steam them for about an hour, I find the leaves dry out in the oven, just low simmer, you can turn them off and just let them steam and then restart later too, they are hearty as long as you keep about an inch of water while you are simmering or letting them rest.
      Test a few leaves and when they pull out rather easy then they are done.
      These are filling and a slow delightful meal to eat.

  7. Rachel Not Specified Not Specified

    Mmmmm….I’ll have to try this one. And no worries on using baby artichokes, I find larger ones intimidating too!

  8. Liesel Not Specified Not Specified

    Hi, I found your blog a few days ago (via Oh Joy) and LOVE it! I was perusing through your back posts and was so disappointed when I discovered you only started a few months ago…I could have kept reading your recipes and introductions to them for hours! Thank you so much for starting this blog up, I will be sure to pass it on to all my food loving friends…which is everyone…how could you not love food :o).


  9. Denise Not Specified Not Specified

    I love the black plates!!.. Where d you find them?

  10. myFudo Not Specified Not Specified

    I’m putting artichokes in my grocery list…right now!

  11. Alicia M. Scutella Not Specified Not Specified

    Wonderful! Please tell me the name/company of the dishes in your presentation. Thank you.


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  15. Alisa Not Specified Not Specified

    We stopped at a Artichoke farm in central California yesterday and bought 10 small artichokes. They weren’t baby size, and did have a small amount of choke when I cut them in half but it wasn’t too hard to remove, just time consuming. I made them to your recommendation and I must say they were wonderful! I roasted them for a few more minutes, as they were larger than in your recipe, added a little more fresh ground spices, and skipped the butter/mayo mixture, purely for caloric reasons… a little olive oil in a dipping dish and they were perfection. Next time I’ll try the baby size…they were a bit more expensive; I paid 10 for $5.00 vs. 10 for $7.00 but would be worth the time savings. Thanks for your great recipe!

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  17. suzi Not Specified Not Specified

    …they are in the oven right now….I hope they come out as good as the baby ‘chokes in the picture look!! :) Thanks for the recipe!

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